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Jessica Smith

jessica smith


Jessica Smith found Yoga in 1998 while attending Arizona State University and studying to be a teacher. She was amazed by how the beautiful practice could not only deliver wonderful physical benefits but also calm her mind and bring her peace. She immediately fell in love and continued to deepen her practice for years. She knew that it was her calling to use her teaching background to share the practice with others as a Yoga teacher. Jessica decided to attend Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts (SWIHA) and was formally trained under Yoga master Laura McKinzie where she received her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification.  Laura’s classical Hatha training not only changed the way Jessica practiced on the mat, but also transformed her soul to see more clearly off the mat. Jessica is inspired to motivate others to find whole body wellness through Yoga. She loves to teach students of all levels and firmly believes the Yoga is for EVERY BODY. In class she focuses on proper alignment through the use of props. She is also passionate about guiding students with various pranayama (breath) techniques to help them clam the mind and nervous system and deepen their spiritual connection. When not teaching, practicing and learning more about Yoga, Jessica loves to travel, read, study about nutrition, and most importantly enjoy life with her beloved husband and four beautiful children

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