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Medical Grade HCG Weight Loss

Lose on average a pound a day with our medical grade HCG. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a prescription only medication typically used for infertility purposes, but has been used off label for the purposes of inducing weight loss. When used in conjunction with a restrictive diet plan the medication works extremely well in the stimulation of fat loss of up to an average of 1 pound per day. It works by fooling your body into thinking it is pregnant, and when we are pregnant our bodies require more calories to sustain a growing fetus. When we use the medication and restrict the calories your body will pull the extra calories and fat from your body stores and use it as energy. This is why you do not feel hungry and are burning your stored fat.
We have hundreds of success stories from clients who have come to us and been very successful losing weight and keeping it off. However, as with any diet we also have some repeat offenders who lose the weight and revert back to old habits only to gain their weight back. I encourage anyone who desires to try HCG to be prepared for a full 6 week commitment to the diet and a lifetime of change to the maintenance of your success.